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One cannot let life pass by them, trusting a false hope that something will change their life for them.Kwan and Olivia are marked immediately by strong contrasts in character (11).When her daughter, Waverly, was born with the same kink, she worried her life would be as doomed as her own.Olivia finally has a serious falling out with her mother as she becomes closer to Kwan, and her mother makes no effort to reconnect.

They can see the changes in the characters as well as themselves, and they even teach lessons.

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Yet, she called her daughter about six months before she died, apologizing for something her daughter could hardly remember.Instead of wasting time in inefficient attempts, receive qualified assistance here Essays & researches...This is a good example of self-discovery, a journey all must take through life.

To me, imagination is the closest thing we have to compassion. Memories of a Writing Life.

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These are very old-fashioned ideas, but they relate to the evolution of female struggles today and how challenges for women have changed over time but not disappeared.Amy Tan uses her own personal experiences, relationships, and literary themes to create universal works that still have very original ideas and details.While some characters such as Ying-Ying and Lindo believe that fate controls them, An-mei and Suyuan believe that they themselves control their own fate.Amy Tan learned the importance of family, as well, while visiting her relations in China for the first time and discovering how connected they were through their relationship, despite her lack of knowledge of the Chinese language ( Opposite 157).In The Joy Luck Club, Tan explores many intertwining characters with whom people can connect through various short stories.This tear-and-repair relationship relates not only to sisterhood, but also to the changes that all relationships undergo.A response for question Amy tan writing style. Need Help With Assignments.

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Tan also uses common literary themes that allow contemporary readers to relate to her stories, such as sexism, identity, and fate.

The third main mother-daughter relationship in The Joy Luck Club is between Rose Hsu Jordan and her mother An-mei.Along with her heritage, Tan credits her universal writing to her focus on life and death.There is no wonder that today was amy tan essays your last day.Although she admits her culture was a large factor in her writing, Tan has stated that she would like her stories to be treated as meaningful language and literature, not just as Chinese-American culture.Amy Tan creates such universal works, in part, because of the connections of her own personal experiences to the stories.Yet she also struggles with her loss of tradition and fast adaptation into American culture.Another mother and daughter that question fate and luck are Suyuan and Jing-Mei.

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Olivia sees where Kwan grew up, and gains new appreciation for her.

She gives the reader an opportunity to gain knowledge about the way of life her family, friends, and even herself have had.

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While Luling seemed to be so opposed to adaptation into American life, Ruth had forgotten all of her heritage.For example, her mother had left an abusive husband, and many of her early children died ( Academy of Achievement 1).She was actually in awe of the fact that Luling began to cry for her.Lindo, her mother, knows better, because she feels they both have already lost their heritage and can never get it back (258).Concise diction refers to the use of straightforward language to develop clear, authentic writing.

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Amy Tan uses her personal experiences as a Chinese-American to convey loneliness, isolation, and other concepts that she feels create common human connections with all people.

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She defied her mother by abandoning the pre-med course pushed onto her from childhood in favor of linguistics study ( Academy of Achievement 1).

She also remembers when Suyuan, at a crab dinner with the rest of her family, saved the worst crab for herself and gave the better crabs to everyone else at the table.

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Rose, on the other hand, lost her faith when her brother drowned at a young age (121).Ying-Ying also is confined as a woman in that she is forced to marry her vulgar but wealthy suitor (245).