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The formulation of dividend policy requires a balanced financial judgement by judiciously weighting the different factors affecting the policy.A dividend policy of a company determines how much of the earnings a company shares with its shareholders in the form of a dividend payment on a regular basis.

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The conflicting claims of dividends and accumulations should be equitably settled by the management. (x) Cash Balance: If the working capital of the company is small liberal policy of cash dividend cannot be adopted.This may indicate that listed firms in GCC countries alter their dividend policy frequently and do not adopt a long-run target dividend policy.Dividend Yield and Stock Return in Different Economic Environment: Evidence from Malaysia.Determinants of Dividend Policy. Garry J., Determinants of Dividend Policy in Chinese Firms: Cash Versus Stock Dividends.

This paper seeks to examine the determinants of dividends payout policy.This study investigated the determinants of dividends policy in the Nigerian stock exchange market.The existence of legal sanction for distributing the accumulated earnings or reserves does not warrant the issue of stock dividends from the point of view of sound financial practice.

analysis of determinants of dividend payout by agricultural firms listed on the nairobi security exchange. by calistus wekesa waswa d58/10081/2006.It results in a transfer of an amount from the accumulated earnings or surplus account to the share capital account.Thus, a 10% stock dividend would give a holder of ICQ shares, as additional 10 shares, whereas a 250% stock dividend would give him 250 additional shares.Determinants of the Dividend Policy of Companies Listed on Emerging Stock Exchanges: The Case of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries.

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Determinants of dividend policy of public listed companies in Malaysia YusniliyanaYusof Department of Finance, Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences.This is not an example of the work written by our professional.

From the point of legal considerations, the basic rule is that dividend can only be paid out profits without the impairment of capital in any way.An analysis was conducted to understand the dividend trends.Stock dividend or bonus shares: A stock dividend is a distribution of additional shares of stock to existing shareholders on a pro-rata basis i.e. so much stock for each share of stock held.

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A stable dividend policy should not be taken to mean an inflexible or rigid policy.Al-Kuwari, Duha, Determinants of the Dividend Policy of Companies Listed on Emerging Stock Exchanges: The Case of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries (September 23, 2009).

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It begins by discussing such concepts as free cash flow, cost of capital.

In this study, an attempt is made to investigate dividend policies of non-financial companies.Need tutoring help with Determinants of Dividend policy Homework Help.Instability in the Dividend Policy of the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) Corporations: Evidence from an Emerging Market.Capital Structure, Cost of Debt and Dividend Payout of Firms in New York and Shanghai Stock Exchanges.Dividend policy is one of the very important issues of modern corporate finance.

This paper investigates the determinants of dividend policies for firms listed on Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) country stock exchanges.An upward revaluation of assets, however, would create a capital surplus, but at the same time might operate as a fraud on creditors and for that reason is illegal.The average earnings should be subjected to the trends of general economic conditions.The results suggest that the main characteristics of firm dividend payout policy were that dividend payments related strongly and directly to government ownership, firm size and firm profitability, but negatively to the leverage ratio.Determinants of Dividend Payout Policy of listed Financial Institutions in Ghana.

The Government put temporary restrictions on payment of dividends by companies in July 1974 by making amendment in the Indian Companies Act, 1956.To sum up, the decision with regard to dividend policy rests on the judgement of the management, since it is not a contractual obligation like interest.The corporate laws must be taken into consideration by the directors before they declare a dividend.Higher rates of dividend are used as a tool for marketing the securities in an otherwise depressed market. (vi) Changes in Government Policies: Sometimes government limits the rate of dividend declared by companies in a particular industry or in all spheres of business activity.Seven hypotheses pertaining to agency cost theory were investigated using a series of random effect Tobit models.ADVERTISEMENTS: These considerations are discussed below: (i) Type of Industry: Industries that are characterised by stability of earnings may formulate a more consistent policy as to dividends than those having an uneven flow of income.

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