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Most of the clues deal with Edgar Allan Poe, his works, and the mood surrounding them both.A crossword puzzle by PuzzleFast Instant Puzzle Maker (Puzzle 20140108609796).Literary terms for use and practice. a person or animal that takes part in the action of a literary work: 26: alliteration: 27.Your task it to create a crossword puzzle using 12 literary terms.

These 7th Grade Language Arts Crossword Puzzles are printable.Introduces the main characters, setting, and sometimes the conflict 24.A wide range of writers and their literary works, from Greek tragedy to Martian.

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Person, place, thing, or event that stands for something else 30.MOOD:Feeling of the story (happy, sad, tense, suspenseful, etc.).AP Literature and English II - Semester Exam practice test - Review of literary devices and elements.

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Test your knowledge of literary terms by playing our crossword, either online or in print.You may not copy, reprint, publish or use any of our content without prior written consent.

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Try doing this word search, which features all of them going up, down, and even backward.

Across. 1. The writer of a literary work. 2. Words that are spoken by a character in a play to the audience. 3. Repetition of the same or very similar consonant sounds.Featuring many fictional detectives from the past to the present and various crime-related clues.A simple crossword puzzle using terms from classic literature. Crossword of Classic Literary Terms.

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PERSONIFICATION:Figure of speech where an inanimate object or animal is given human characteristics.

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Solve the vocabulary crossword puzzles for: 9th Grade Literary Terms.FICTION:Elements of fiction include plot, setting, characters, and themes.

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EXPOSITION:Introduces the main characters, setting, and sometimes the conflict.Feeling of the story (happy, sad, tense, suspenseful, etc.) 9. Combination of contradictory terms (jumbo shrimp) 13. an event that gives a hint about what will happen 14.The puzzle has a classical literature theme but there are some fillers.

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This is a crossword puzzle incorporating 41 different literary elements often found on AP English exams.CLIMAX:the point of greatest interest, or the turning point, of the story.

FALLING ACTION:shows the result of the climax and brings the story to a close.FIRST PERSON:a character in the story that present his or her own thoughts, feelings. and opinions.

Literature crossword puzzles. Sections. Literary Detectives - A Crossword,. places and terms used in the novels.